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SAP Business Technology Platform with customer scenarios for Data Warehouse Cloud and SAC- Planning - Shared screen with speaker view
good morning, the sound is not clear
Carl Wick
Sound is fine here
John Gooch
Sounds OK to me.
Jim Cusick
Sound is fine with me as well
Matthew Smith
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Lacie Mabe
Hello Everyone. I apologize for being tardy :)
ravi bijjala
Sorry joined late, is this recording provided for us later.
Jim Cusick
we are recording this session.
ravi bijjala
Supply Chain and SAP SAC is directly integrated ? what is the industry best practices
Steve Speiss
Is Data Warehouse Cloud the same thing as SAP HANA Cloud?
Jim Cusick
SAP HANA Cloud Services is the overall portfolio
Jim Cusick
SAP Data Warehouse Cloud includes prebuilt content to accelerate business users scenarios
Bob Rountree
Hi Steve, Data Warehouse Cloud is distinctly separate from SAP HANA Cloud, and one of the HANA Cloud Services portfolio as Jim mentions.
Jim Cusick
SAP HANA Cloud is a component (subset) of DWC
Steve Speiss
Bob Rountree
DWC is built on HANA Cloud, but is an application enabling reporting/analytics-centric HANA use cases with data integration, modeling, and analytics capabilities.
ravi bijjala
is SAP DWC is also source for SAP IBP from advisory perspective ?
martino rivaplata
do you have BWHANA in the cloud?
ravi bijjala
Is SAP IBP in there or part of OData ? how does the sap presents itself integration of SAP SAC and SAP IBP
vinod gujja
Can we extract from SAP ECC or S/4 HANA datasources like this?
Brad Guilbault
Hello Ravi, indeed since IBP is built on the HANA data modes, it’s feasible to feed DWC insight in to the IBP module.
Brad Guilbault
Vinod: We can absolutely extract or simply access without duplicating/replicating data by using the SAP DWC application.
Lale Yakut Valusek
Hi Ravi, yes you can integrate your supply chain operations with SAC, as well as IBP. Here is a blog that discusses a business scenario and components - https://blogs.sap.com/2019/05/17/collaborative-planning-ibp-sac/
ravi bijjala
Whats SAP's direction as we have CPI-DS as a middleware for integration perspective between other sources, is SAP has point to point built in for SAC, how DWC position there
Brad Guilbault
Hi Martino: We recommend DWC Cloud for the elasticity and scalability features that work in conjunction with our prebuilt integrations and content for an S/4 implementation and to leverage BW historical insights as part of the source systems.
Sunil Bhavsar
Hi,it will be great if you can explain Persistency in DWC view
Bob Rountree
Vinod, DWC accesses S/4HANA or ECC through the ABAP layer using native connectivity. To add to Brad's comment, the ABAP adapter in DWC provides access to the ABAP dictionary in ECC/S/4HANA with metadata, labels, text, but also ODP-enabled extractors from the Service API (used by BW also), and CDS Views in S/4HANA. As Brad and Jim mentioned, these sources are visible to DWC without requiring data transfer. If desired, these sources can be replicated so DWC has a local copy of the data.
Bob Rountree
SAP has built a library of free content in the form of Service API extractors over time. These are available to BW, but the same extractors are also available to DWC. This is a huge value and cost savings for customers.
Sunil Bhavsar
yes thank you
Peter Chen
Data lake is still my side job....there had been a talk of re-org moving me over, but nothing happening yet...so I will defer to manke and KP.
martino rivaplata
is it possible to load/post data from DWC to transactional level tables such as ACDOCA/P/U..?
Brad Guilbault
Sunil, I’m glad we answered your question. Here’s some more detail on the specific How-To Create and Schedule for this topic: https://saphanajourney.com/data-warehouse-cloud/learning-article/view-persistency-create-and-schedule/
Sunil Bhavsar
Thank You. this will be helpful...
Lale Yakut Valusek
Hi Martino, yes you can get ACDOCA, or better yet, you can use the business content for DWC finance, and not have to start from scratch for financials. see here for more information https://assets.cdn.sap.com/sapcom/docs/2020/07/7a15380b-a57d-0010-87a3-c30de2ffd8ff.pdf
Brad Guilbault
Hi Martino: Indeed, ACDOCA is a standard General Ledger Accounting Transparent Table in SAP FI application, which stores Universal Journal Entry Line Items data. We can feed in to the transactional systems however we would need to understand the use cases at a more granular level to understand this strategy/approach. I suggest a follow up with our partners at Protiviti to further discuss.