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SAP Community Call: Designing a future where machines and people work in harmony to elevate human ingenuity
The Intelligent Enterprise is built on people and a clear promise: The system adapts to people in real time, not the other way around. Technology and data are here to help people make business decisions faster, more intuitively and better than ever before. This is the only way companies can amplify human ingenuity to run at their best and ultimately persist in an constantly changing global economy. Where we are at in today's business world and where the journey will lead us all together, that is what Benedikt Lehnert, Chief Design Officer at SAP would like to discuss with you. Let’s talk.
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Benedikt Lehnert
Chief Design Officer @SAP SE
Just a few months back, Benedikt Lehnert took on the role as SAP’s Chief Design Officer. He has a wealth of experience as a product designer, including a previous role as Chief Design Officer at Wunderlist, a company later sold to Microsoft, followed by his previous role at Microsoft as Director of Product Design for Microsoft’s Fluent, Office, Fluid and M365 Experiences. Benedikt Lehnert is also the author of a typography book, an international keynote speaker, and investor in numerous design-driven startups.