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SAP Community call: Latest Developments in UI5
Join Peter Muessig, Chief Product Architect of the UI5 family, on a journey of discovery through the main recent innovation features of UI5. UI5’s evolution plan focuses on adapting to latest web standards not only within the core framework but also in the context of rendering. We are well on our way to support TypeScript and the UI5 Web Components, which started as an independent library to be viable, are about to be returned to the UI5 framework to act as the base frame for future UI5 control development. With the de-support of MS IE11 with UI5 1.88 one other significant hurdle has been taken to set the UI5 framework up for the future. Another important pillar is the enablement of the UI5 community to take an active role in the future development of the framework’s ecosystem. The UI5 Tooling laid the foundation and now bears fruit in the UI5 community organization.

Topics which will be covered:
o Latest innovations in the core framework
o TypeScript Support
o UI5 Web Components Retrofit
o Resulting effects on UI5 dropping support for MS IE11
o UI5 Tooling and Its Ecosystem
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Peter Muessig
Chief Product Architect for SAPUI5 @SAP SE
Peter is one of the initiators who started the Phoenix project (a.k.a. OpenUI5/SAPUI5) in 2009 as well as other known products and technologies like SAP Web IDE or UI5 Web Components. Follow Peter in SAP Community: https://people.sap.com/peter.muessig